SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

  • An enthusiastic expert in SEO and growth marketing,  He began his professional career as an SEO specialist and has three years of experience promoting client projects in SaaS firms and digital consultancies


  • His primary specialty areas include content marketing, SEO, PPC, and digital marketing. Eugene has a particular interest in creating a marketing department from start and omnichannel advertising techniques.


  • Currently serving as the company’s CMO, Eugene personally assists SEO experts in achieving their objectives. Because of this, he is aware of the equipment and information required by experts in search marketing.


  • He has taken into account all of the crucial phases for SEO newbies in his role as the course author. Eugene has organized the learning material in a way that provides information in a logical order, combining the theoretical and practical components in the best way possible based on his experience working with teams and training personnel in various marketing sectors.






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